About Grethel Brohult

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Born 1936, lives in Stockholm, Sweden since 1965
Education: College of Art (Sculpture) 1970-75
Exhibitions: in Sweden, USA, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Korea.

She creates sculptures for a TV-production. Teaches also Drama and Swedish language and literature. Experiments with different techniques. Joins a group running an artist-owned gallery. The aim of the gallery is to build bridges between Visual Arts and other forms of art.

Exhibitions with drawings and paintings. In the mid-eighties she seeks more and more the impression of the interior on the exterior – the importance of gesture and posture. Turns increasingly to drawing archetypes such as ropes, knots, and braids. Cuts big sheets of paper into stripes, ties and weaves them to embossments. Bought paper feels inadequate. Papermaking opens totally new possibilities. The hand-made paper reflects both intellectual life (books, handwritings) and emotional/organic life (skin, peel, leaves).

Continues to work on the creation of a sculptural form. Exhibits book-objects, clothes, cocoons in Swedish and foreign galleries and museums. The pages of the books and the covers leather reflect the visible as well as the invisible contents. The gesture and the posture remain in the clothing and in the shells after the body has left them.
Has the abandoned wardrobe relationship with the ancient hand-writings, aged skin, old rocks - the sediments of Time? The experiments with the papers surface is maybe a way to answer this. The inquiring is the driving force of the artist.